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The first object sold:

Last week the first sale took place from a shop window in Zurich's Niederdorf. The sculpture by an Italian artist based on a Ferrari-part. Very decorative and cool. Obviously passers-by pay attention to shop windows, no matter how small they are. The buyer always wanted this object and discovered it was finally available. A big thank you to buyers, sellers and providers!



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ACL founder Ina F. Knuchel began working in media agencies and worked for well-known national and international brands. She later switched to sales at the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. When she stood at the entrance of a large retailer without a card, mobile phone or cash in early 2015, she came up with the idea of ​​paying by fingerprint. This idea brought her together with her technical partner it-werke group. ACL has been a Swiss partner of the it-werke group since 2018. In the meantime, various other solutions have been added, such as the latest development by their partner, the payment QR code isi: Snap, which enables direct purchase from the shop window without a webshop.


Our technical partner it-werke group has been active in IT solutions for 20 years. Isi: Snap includes isi: Cado, Scan-Goru the scanning solution for retailers, isi: Fish the fishing book app, isi: Ki - the solution for access without a key and numerous biometric applications from time recording to biometric contactless payment.


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Selling while your shop is closed


Shopping to go with



Register for free on our website to use this unique service. Each registered product receives a QR code. You place this on advertisements, posters or in your shop window on the price tag. This allows your customer to buy the product directly from you without registering and without a website. PayPal is stored as the payment method in the QR code. As a seller, you receive the customer's shipping address and can send them conveniently. And the product sold is insured. Everything is explained here:


Contact us in writing or by phone for more information or visit the website .




Modernes Gebäude

Easy, safe, hygienic access


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Losing keys, cards and badges costs time, money and nerves. Biometrics is safe, easy, fast, hygienic. Not to mention the environmental pollution that plastic brings with it. A badge is of little consequence: the amount counts. Above all, it is the convenience factor: No wasting thoughts on lost and forgotten keys or badges, because we always have our access with us. The strongest argument for biometrics. And contactless is particularly smart and widely accepted.


High security standards with contactless FBI / PIV / IQS. 4-finger system more tolerant of unevenness, simple and hygienic.


Contact us in writing or by phone for a live demonstration at your location.


Einkaufszentrum Rolltreppen

Biometric contactless payment: simply with a swipe


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If you are looking for a payment solution that works easily, safely and hygienically for everyone without cash, then you are at the right place with Biometric Contactless.


No contact with surfaces offers the best protection today. Contactless solves the problem elegantly with a swipe and has something magical about it. The high level of security provided by 3D is not magical. Payments are closed with an invoice or open with a credit card. We work with recognized standards and the official provider.


Biometric contactless records four fingers instead of one. Contactless is possible because enough information is available from four fingers.


Contact us in writing or by phone for a live demonstration at your location.



TEL: +41 79 784 44 50  |  INFO@ACL-ATTICUS.CH

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