Life is complicated. Let's make things easier that are in our power


I would have answered the question of whether I would be self-employed with no. Ideally an online shop on eBay to sell my numerous achievements at a profit. ACL was created based on an experience while running in 2015. Without cash, card or telephone, I should go shopping. My key and my iPhone at home gave me the idea of ​​paying by fingerprint. Research brings me to the technical partner it-werke, who are experienced in payment solutions and have the idea of ​​contactless payment with biometrics. The tolerance and security of the solution make it one of the most interesting payment methods for me.


Our latest solution is called isi: Snap. Using a QR code, I don't just get more information about a product, I can buy it directly - from an advertisement, from the shop window, from a poster. What I love about it is the direct route. As a longtime online shopper, I have already encountered many hurdles on the way to one of my achievements. That has been massively reduced because you want to make buying as easy as possible for customers. But mostly I still have to enter my name, address, credit card, often a check number and the like. Why should I do this to myself when I can have it that easy - just snap I just say. For me, isi: Snap is a cool, simple, direct way to buy - it's like shopping to go. Sellers register for free and pay a fee if the sale is successful.


Before I switched to sales at NZZ, I worked in media agencies. Analyzes and planning were my daily bread. That helped in sales. The publishing side interested me, especially the NZZ. I am still convinced of their quality today. I realized that I have to be passionate about something in order to sell credibly. That's the case again today with isi: Snap.


Using market research, I analyzed the acceptance of biometric contactless payments. I met the Chairman of the Board of Directors of SIX at the time, whom I knew from earlier, and told him about my ideas. His advice: "stay tuned".